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Bloomdale Sign Bloomdale Cemetery: (Search)
The Bloomdale Cemetery database is a comprehensive listing of all burials and internment records for Bloomdale Cemetery. This database encompasses information from the City of Trenton records, headstone transcriptions, and original images of the entire cemetery.
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Every headstone at Bloomdale has now been photographed, and the information is being entered to update the existing entries and to add additional information.

Some records ONLY appear in the city records, and as such will have no related headstone information or photograph (as is the case with unmarked burials).

Researchers are also advised to search for names in our cemetery database, as there may be headstones available there that have not been entered into the Bloomdale database. Efforts are continuing to get all known graves into the new searching system.

A special thank you to all who make this database possible, including David Zebarah and Boy Scout Troop 1234, for the headstone transcriptions, Marcy Mazza for photographing all of the Bloomdale stones, Carol Hendricks for project management and data entry, and Paul Gallagher for the technical facilitation.

We are still in the process of adding images, so it may take a few weeks for the image to show up (if it exists).

The Trenton Historical Society needs assistance entering images into the database and transcribing new stones, please contact us today if you would like to help!


US Census Image

US Censuses Transcriptions: (Search)
The transcriptions were prepared by Clifford G. Venier and Barbara Reno Caudillo in 2007. A special thank you to Cliff and Barbara for all of their hard work!

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A few notes from Cliff:

This Census index was prepared to allow those searching for ancestors in Monguagon Township to identify them readily in all the extant US Censuses.

Although has all the US censuses on line, there are a number of glaring errors in their transcriptions, the most egregious example of which are missing pages in the 1930 census. In addition, their transcription was not made by "native" transcribers who know enough of the names in the area to interpret handwriting that is difficult to read more correctly.

Naturally, errors will have crept into our Transcription as well. As always, we recommend that microfilms of the original census documents be examined to confirm data. If you find incorrect data, please let us know. We plan to update this CD when the 1940 US Census is released.

We hope that others who have ancestors in the Monguagon Township, Trenton, Grosse Ile, and Riverview areas will use this index to find their families more quickly.

A few notes from our web staff:

The Trenton Historical Society is grateful to Cliff and Barbara for all of their hard work! Part of the project's intent was to show family names in order as to be able to determine neighbors of the listed persons. Due to the limitations of our current search technology, only names that are searched for will be shown. This information can still be found by looking at the original microfilms, most accessible via



Gravestones listed in city cemeteries: (Search)
This database contains the transcriptions of Bloomdale, Butler, and the Old Burial Ground Cemeteries. These transcriptions were made possible through the efforts of David Zebarah, Boy Scout Troop 1234, Rockwood, Michigan, as his Eagle Scout service project in 2006.

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These records are also a component of the new Bloomdale Cemetery database, which is a combination of city records and headstone transcriptions.

The online records have the name of the cemetery and the inscriptions in the notes area of the search. Future upgrades will contain additional information, including the grave location and extended transcriptions.

Death Certificate City of Trenton Death Certificates: (Search)
All death certificates on record at the Trenton City Hall, from 1908 until 2005. Death Certificates can be ordered / requested via the city of Trenton, or contact us to see if one of the historical staff can help.
Death Certificate Trenton Historical Society Obituaries: (Search)
Obituaries on file dated from 1905 until the present time. All are of city residents and persons of local historical significance. Please contact us if you would like a copy sent. Some entries include the transcribers notes, and usually provide clues into other resources that the historical society has on file.

General Notes

While every attempt has been made to have accurate information in the collection, errors, incomplete, and incorrect data are bound to happen. Researchers are advised to check the original sources to be certain that a particular record is correct. The "Date of Death" in the search may also be the date recorded or in the case of the cemetery list, the date interred.

The historical society is happy to assist in providing additional information, but please be patient, it may take a few days to get to your request.

Trenton Historical Society is currently looking for volunteers to assist in getting more information online, including original images of many of our documents.

Please contact us to see how you can help with this exciting project!

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